Leon's Story

Leon was a bit of a rubber ball, he was adopted 3 times, and returned 3 times.

The first time, the details have been lost, so we don’t know the circumstances.

The third time, he was returned in less than 24 hours.  Apparently the new adopters took Leon home, put him in the house, and left him alone for several hours, only to come back to find an anxious dog abandoned in a strange place had done some damage;  enough damage that he was returned the next day.

The second time, he was adopted to a lady engaged to be married, and they wanted another dog as a companion to her fiancé’s dog.  Some months later, the lady brought Leon back to one of the adoption events – the wedding was off, and she could not keep Leon where she lived.  As the paperwork was being done, and Leon was lead to an empty enclosure, the lady started to cry.  She was not crying over the wedding, she was crying because she had grown to love Leon, and she had to let him go.

The fourth time that Leon was adopted, it was to someone who had witnessed the tearful second return, and recognized Leon in the enclosure at an adoption event.  He told us he had seen the emotional return some weeks ago, and knew there had to be a lot of good dog in Leon, so he adopted Leon.  That was 2014.  It seems the fourth time was finally the right match for Leon.