Featured Pets


Frodo is a male, and turned 3 years old early in July.  He is the sweetest boy, loves people, love to cuddle, gets along well with other cats.  Frodo makes the regular rounds at adoption sites, but always comes back to our facility.  The only thing “wrong” with Frodo, is that he is black.  Black cats and dogs are commonly overlooked, it is believed, because people find brightly colored pets more attractive.  As much as we would like to believe that is nonsense, this lovable boy keeps coming back from adoption sites.

What Frodo needs, is somebody to come to our facility, pick him up and hold him for a while.  Once he starts loving on you, and cuddling you, it will be hard to put this lover boy down.

Contact us to make an appointment to come and hold Frodo.


Eve is a female, almost a year and a half old.  She is a shepherd mix.   Eve was found running loose near Columbia, dumped, not far from the highway.  A local shop owner saw her chase the car she was dumped from, but at only 3 months old, there was no way she could keep up.  This little dog came back to where it had been left and sat, and waited, clearly hoping that the car would come back when they realized she was missing.  Later in the day, the shop owner crossed four lanes of high speed roadway to bring the dog some water.  He watched the dog the whole day, it never moved, it just kept watching traffic, and hoping.  A call to the police was made, and not being an important issue, they arrived a couple hours later, and said all they could do was call animal control and send her to the pound.  The shop owner said ‘No!’, scooped up the dog, called some friends, who knew some people, that knew of a place, and that evening Eve arrived at APL.

What Eve needs is someone to give her a chance.  She is still young and needs to be loved and have structure in her day.  Nobody has taught her right from wrong, so she needs someone willing and able to train her.  A stable home, lots of love and attention, some simple consistent training, and Eve will be a great pet.

Consider a Foster-to-Adopt arrangement to give you both a chance to get to know each other before you commit.

Contact us to come out and meet Eve.