Ellie's Story

When Ellie arrived, it did not take long to see that she had difficulty standing and walking.  At first it was thought to be a strain or sprain, but Ellie did not improve.  The vet’s xrays showed that she had a hip problem that needed surgery, or it would get progressively worse.  The vet provided an estimate for the surgery.

Over the next couple of months, a number of sponsors, each unknown to the other, provided a donation toward Ellie’s surgery, and at one of the Lexington Adoption Events, an anonymous donor generously covered the remaining balance.

But that was only half of the battle.

Ellie could not have the surgery until a quiet environment could be provided for her recovery.  She could not be around other dogs or young children for several months after her surgery, and she would need in-home therapy to ensure that her recovery was successful.

Two months after the surgery funds has been collected, a foster home was found that would meet all Ellie’s post surgical needs.

So, the surgery took place.

A day later, Ellie moved into her new foster home to be nursed back to health.  As Ellie recovered and grew more active, she also grew on the hearts of her foster family.  Even before her recover time was through, the foster family officially adopted Ellie, and gave her her forever home.

A lot of people pitched in to sponsor Ellie’s special needs.  So do not think that your few dollars will not matter, because they will.