Sponsoring Information

Sponsoring is the financial support of one specific pet or program.

From time to time we have a pet with a special need, such as surgery or special treatments, like heartworm treatments.

When a pet is identified as needing a special surgery or treatment, we often reach out to the public through Facebook, or during our adoption events, to collect money for that specific procedure, which could be several hundred dollars.

A sponsor can make a donation specifically toward that particular pet’s needs; then those funds are held separate from general funds, and used for the purpose they were donated.  If there happens to be any money left over, it would be reserved for the next special procedure.

A sponsor can also make a donation toward a specific need, not related to a specific pet, such as future heartworm treatments or future surgeries, to help provide us with a starting off point for future needs.

We do not expect any one sponsor will be able to contribute all that is needed.  Take a minute to look at Ellie’s story.

If you are interested in sponsoring, please press the Contact Us button below, so we can be sure your donation goes to the right place.

See a list of our current sponsor needs here.