Fostering Information

The foster pet program serves a number of purposes. Not only does it free up space at the facility, but it also is important in getting certain pets with special needs ready for adoption. These special needs pets include those that need socialization or behavior modification, as well as elderly animals or those with particular health issues. These special pets need to be placed in homes where they can receive the care and attention they need. APL will provide food and cover all veterinary expenses for the life of these pets.

When you foster, you save two lives, the pet you foster, and the pet that will be rescued to fill the space left by your foster pet.

Read Nellie’s story.


Fostering differs from Adopting in several ways

    • There are no adoption fees
    • APL pays for the cost of the pet, including food, medications, and vet visits
    • In a ‘Foster to Adopt’ agreement, APL still owns the pet until you decide to adopt
    • In a traditional Foster agreement, APL still owns the pet, and it is available for adoptions by others


Fostering is the same as adoption in many ways

No fosterings take place on the same day an application is submitted; that includes from our facility, or from an adoption event.

For dog fosters, a fenced yard is strongly encouraged.

The application review process may take several days because:

    • Your references will be contacted
    • Your veterinarian will be contacted
    • A meet-and-greet of the new pet and all household family members will be required
    • A meet-and-greet of the new pet and any existing pets will be required
    • A home visit may be required

If you would like to provide a foster home for one of our pets and help get them ready for permanent adoption, please Contact Us for more information.