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Listing With PetFinders

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If you are trying to find a good home for a pet, the APL can assist by placing your pet's picture and profile on the national pet adoption Web site, is viewed by thousands of potential adopters daily and is used by most reputable animal welfare organizations.

APL pets posted on get over 650 hits a week. It is one of the best ways to get national exposure for your pet and it also gives you the opportunity to be personally involved with getting your pet placed in a new home.

Your pet must meet certain criteria before APL can place the pet on These criteria are outlined below.


  1. You must provide documentation that you pet has been spayed or neutered. If your pet is under the age of 6 months and have not been spayed or neutered, you must require that the adopter have the pet spayed or neutered when they reach the appropriate age. It will be your responsibility to follow up and make sure this is done. We strongly suggest that you make the spay/neuter appointment with your vet prior to placing the puppy or kitten.
  2. Your pet must be clean and well groomed.
  3. Your pet must be up-to-date on all vaccines.
  4. Your pet must be on flea and tick prevention medication, such as Advantage or Revolution.
  5. Dogs must be free of heartworms and on monthly heartworm prevention medication.
  6. Cats must be feline leukemia and FIV negative and you must be able to provide veterinary documentation.

Once your pet meets all of these requirements, we encourage you to send a flattering snapshot and profile of your pet to and our APL adoption volunteer will make sure your pet's picture and profile get posted to We will also ask other local animal welfare organizations to post your pet's picture and profile on the Web site as well. All inquiries will go directly to your e-mail address, so you must provide it to us as well.

The Profile Information below is provided to assist you in developing your pet's profile for Please provide as much information as you have. Remember, the more attractive your pet is, the more likely he or she will be adopted quickly.


  1. Pet's Name
  2. Date of Birth or approximate age
  3. Breed
  4. Sex (Male/Female)
  5. Date of spay/neuter and vet's name
  6. Microchipped (Yes/No) and microchip number
  7. Rabies tag number, date, and vet's name
  8. Date of annual shots and vet's name
  9. If dog, heartworm negative (Yes/No)
  10. If cat, feline leukemia/FIV negative (Yes/No)
  11. Does your pet get along with other pets?
  12. Does your pet like children under the age of 10? Over the age of 10?
  13. What type of family situation is your pet would be best suited for?
  14. Is your pet house trained?
  15. Is your pet leash trained?
  16. If cat, is your pet inside/outside or inside only?
  17. If dog, is your pet a digger or climber?
  18. Is your pet shy, happy, aggressive, submissive?
  19. Does your pet experience separation anxiety?
  20. Does your pet like to ride in the car?

Remember, once APL places your pet on the Web site, you will receive all inquiries about your pet directly and it will be your responsibility to screen those inquiries and reply to interested parties. We encourage you to interview the applicant according to the guidelines in The ABC's to Finding Good Homes for Pets available on the "Finding A Good Home For Your Pet" page on our Web site. If you decide to adopt your pet to an applicant, we strongly suggest that you charge an appropriate fee and have the applicant sign an Adoption Contract before turning over the animal to the new owner. A generic Adoption Contract is available on that same page.

It is important to provide the adopter with the opportunity to return the pet if it doesn't work out so that the pet does not end up in the local shelter. If your pet is returned to you, APL will be happy to assist you in finding another home. If you are ever unsure that a particular applicant would give your pet a good home, feel free to contact our APL adoption volunteer at for assistance in the interview process.

We are pleased to be able to assist you in taking advantage of the national exposure for pet placement that provides. Please let us know if we can help in any way.

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